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I’ve been wanting to compile a list of my 100 favorite rock albums of all time to share with’s readers and as a guide for possible holiday gift ideas for the music lover in your life. If pressed into a corner, these would be my desert island discs. I’m sure I left something out, […]


Drummers are different. They like to hit things hard and often and sometimes even show off – “cue drum solo now.” While The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts has long been content to lay down the beat with a classic 4-piece jazz kit, other drummers need more – sometimes many more – drums and cymbals and cowbells […]


As the year winds down, I wanted to share my list of favorite albums from 2011. In the mix are some old favorites given new life along with a handful of brand new recordings. 10. Opeth, Heritage – I’ve been on the fence with Opeth for years. I respect band leader Mikael Åkerfeldt and his commitment […]


The most difficult part of music making is consistency. Writers’ block, record company problems, band dissolutions and many other factors can make or break a record. It’s a tribute to the artists who have stood the test of time that their successes far outweigh their failures. But sometimes the failure will be so extraordinary or […]


10 Great Minnesota Bands and Artists

by TW on November 7, 2011

Minnesota and its cities and towns may not get the musical props of a California or New York, but the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have long and proud traditions popular music that date back to the early 1960s, when artists such as “Spider” John Koerner were the buzz in local coffee shops. […]

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10 Great Texas Bands and Musicians

by TW on November 4, 2011

Give me a “T” for Texas. The Lone Star State talks big and delivers big in its myths and music. From Abilene to Amarillo, El Paso to Galveston, here are 10 great artists who hail from Texas, which isn’t so much a State but state of mind. Buddy Holly – In Holly’s too-short life, he […]


Name Changers in Music

by TW on October 27, 2011

There’s an unwritten rule in music that you should have a cool name. If you were born Oscar Melasovich, you’ll likely find it difficult to have the young girls screaming your name. (No offense Oscar). Even though their birth certificates say otherwise, here are 101 artists that we know best by their stage name. Sorry […]


They say blood is thicker than water, but there must be something in the blood AND water in some musical families. Sometimes the muse passes on from the parents to the kids, leaving a legacy of great songs that will keep many generations happy. Here’s a look at 10 great father/son, mother/daughter artists. As Sly […]


What’s a musician to do when he or she feels artistically tied? Take the often ill-fated solo path or hop out and jam with some friends, and perhaps record a record or two? Sometimes it works, most often it doesn’t, but here are 10 great offshoots and one-off groups that were worth “breaking up” or […]


Scotland: The country that claims Braveheart, kilts, Loch Ness and single-malt whisky also has been the birthplace and home to many of music’s greatest artists. From folk to hard rock, here’s a look at 10 great Scottish artists and acts. Lonnie Donegan – Lonnie Donegan’s influence on a generation of musicians has been huge, particularly […]