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Name Changers in Music

There’s an unwritten rule in music that you should have a cool name. If you were born Oscar Melasovich, you’ll likely find it difficult to have the young girls screaming your name. (No offense Oscar). Even though their birth certificates say otherwise, here are 101 artists that we know best by their stage name. Sorry ma, but I’m changing my name from:

  1. Steven Georgiou to Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam
  2. Reginald Dwight to Elton John
  3. Chaim Witz to Gene Simmons
  4. John Deutschendorf to John Denver
  5. Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou to George Michael
  6. William Bailey to Axl Rose
  7. Saul Hudson to Slash
  8. Jeffrey Hyman to Joey Ramone
  9. Frederick Bulsara to Freddie Mercury
  10. James Osterberg to Iggy Pop
  11. Bruce Johannesson to C.C. Deville
  12. Gordon Sumner to Sting
  13. Cecil Connor to Gram Parsons
  14. John Osbourne to Ozzy Osbourne
  15. Sylvester Stewart to Sly Stone
  16. Ian Kilminster to Lemmy
  17. Marvin Aday to Meat Loaf
  18. Joan Larkin to Joan Jett
  19. William Broad to Billy Idol
  20. Ellas Bates to Bo Diddley
  21. Stuart Goddard to Adam Ant
  22. Peter Baker to Ginger Baker
  23. Patricia Andrzejewski to Pat Benatar
  24. Fabiano Forte to Fabian
  25. Michael Balzary to Flea
  26. John Ritchie to Sid Vicious
  27. Donald Rosier to Buck Dharma
  28. Marc Feld to Marc Bolan
  29. David Jones to David Bowie
  30. Winston Rodney to Burning Spear
  31. Don Van Vliet to Captain Beefheart
  32. Benjamin Orzechowski to Benjamin Orr
  33. Brad Carlson to Bun E. Carlos
  34. Cherilyn Sarkasian Le Pier to Cher
  35. Eric Clapp to Eric Clapton
  36. John Mellor to Joe Strummer
  37. Vincent Furnier to Alice Cooper
  38. Declan McManus to Elvis Costello
  39. Richard Monsour to Dick Dale
  40. Malcolm Rebennack to Dr. John
  41. Robert Zimmerman to Bob Dylan
  42. Eithne Ni Bhraonain to Enya
  43. Derek Dick to Fish
  44. Peter Blankfield to Peter Wolf
  45. Natalie McIntyre to Macy Gray
  46. O’Shea Jackson to Ice Cube
  47. Martyn Buchwald to Marty Balin
  48. James Smith to LL Cool J
  49. Steven Tallarico to Steven Tyler
  50. William Levise to Mitch Ryder
  51. Willam Scaggs to Boz Scaggs
  52. Jiles Richardson to Big Bopper
  53. Gary Anderson to Gary “U.S.” Bonds
  54. Ernest Evans to Chubby Checker
  55. Paul Gadd to Gary Glitter
  56. John Mellencamp to John Cougar to John Cougar Mellencamp to John Mellencamp
  57. Christa Paffgen to Nico
  58. Lester Poifus to Les Paul
  59. Harry Webb to Cliff Richard
  60. William Robinson to Smokey Robinson
  61. John Ramistella to Johnny Rivers
  62. Charles Westover to Del Shannon
  63. Mary O’Brien to Dusty Springfield
  64. Richard Starkey to Ringo Starr
  65. Joe Arrington Jr. to Joe Tex
  66. Annie Bullock to Tina Turner
  67. Paul Hewson to Bono
  68. David Evans to The Edge
  69. Vincent Craddock to Gene Vincent
  70. Steveland Morris to Stevie Wonder
  71. Neville Livingstone to Bunny Wailer
  72. Eddie Jones to Guitar Slim
  73. Chester Burnett to Howlin’ Wolf
  74. Huddie Ledbetter to Leadbelly
  75. Virginia Hensley to Patsy Cline
  76. Jill Byrem to Lacy J. Dalton
  77. Brenda Webb to Crystal Gayle
  78. Alvis Owens to Buck Owens
  79. Sarah Colley to Minnie Pearl
  80. Randy Traywick to Randy Travis
  81. Harold Jenkins to Conway Twitty
  82. Abdullah Buhaina to Art Blakey
  83. Kelvin Mercer to Posdnous
  84. Andre Young to Dr. Dre
  85. Joseph Sadler to Grandmaster Flash
  86. Marshall Mathers to Eminem
  87. Brian Warner to Marilyn Manson
  88. Dana Owens to Queen Latifah
  89. William Drayton Jr. to Flavor Flav
  90. Randy Wolfe to Randy California
  91. Johann Holzel to Falco
  92. Arnold Dorsey to Engelbert Humperdinck
  93. Gary Weinrib to Geddy Lee
  94. Robert Cummings to Rob Zombie
  95. Gaynor Hopkins to Bonnie Tyler
  96. Helen Adu to Sade
  97. Colin Flooks to Cozy Powell
  98. Richard Hall to Moby
  99. Ellen Cohen to Mama Cass Elliot
  100. Stanley Burrell To MC Hammer
  101. Prince Rogers Nelson to Prince to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince to Prince

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