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Mr. Bungle – Mr. Bungle A few months ago, I took the time to write some words concerning Mr. Bungle’s sophomore album, Disco Volante.  My goal was to preach the gospel of Bungle to the masses, but apparently there are a few of you that are yet unconverted.  Let’s go back a bit further, then, […]


I thought I was a fan of vocalist Mike Patton until I met Sara.  She and her husband Nathan own nearly every recording that Patton was even remotely involved with.  While I was quite familiar with Patton’s work as the singer in Faith No More and in the band he formed prior to joining FNM, […]

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Portugal’s Forgotten Suns, after a game of musical chairs to determine their current line-up, have returned to fans of inventive prog-metal with their third release, Innergy.  The record’s loose concept deals with questions of the definition of “life” – whether that relates to the actual physical state of living versus dying, or as it relates […]