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Erik Mongrain – Equilibrium

Erik Mongrain is a 28-year-old Montreal-based musician who, like his major influence Michael Hedges, has taken the guitar beyond the traditional flat- or fingerpicking realm and into a world where the composition dictates the tuning and technique. Mongrain plays with a combination of  taps, slaps, thumps, harmonics, and picking, and uses a variety of unusual open tunings, such as Gadeae and Bf#df#ac#. He has amazing technique and skill, but that doesn’t get in the way of the songs. Mongrain’s latest release, Equilibrium, is a nine-tune instrumental work that guitarists and those who love guitar will feast on. His playing is very reminiscent of Hedges, but Mongrain’s music is a bit more accessible overall. Mongrain is not just a talented guitarist, he even did the album cover art. Check out the video below to see this incredible player in action.

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