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Bob Dylan – New Morning remastered

Between John Wesley Harding and Blood On The Tracks, Bob Dylan‘s New Morning often gets lost in the confusion of his early ’70’s efforts. That’s a shame, because New Morning is as a complete Dylan record as they come. This is 1970, when Dylan was in partial to full croon, showing the critics (not that he cared) that he could “sing,” and that gentle delivery serves these songs perfectly. This set of 12 tunes runs the gamut from the sunny vibe of “If Not For You” and “New Morning”; the silly charm of “Winterlude”; the scat-jazz of “If Dogs Run Free”; to the gospel-like “Father Of Night.” Like a basketball player “in the zone,” Dylan just can’t miss on New Morning. This fine remaster sonically highlights an album richly deserving of reappraisal.

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