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Mahogany Rush – “Mahogany Rush IV – World Anthem”

Guitarist Frank Marino’s Mahogany Rush got two long-overdue reissues with BGO Records’ release and remasters of Mahogany Rush IV and World Anthem. This two-CD set doesn’t get much better – Marino and band mates bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jim Ayoub all share musical space in these weighty mixes. Marino was in his early 20s during these recordings but already had monster chops. So did Ayoub and Harwood, and it’s their contributions that make these albums even better.

10 Highlights:

  1. Marino’s singing – something he doesn’t receive enough credit for
  2. The misty musings of “It’s Begun To Rain”
  3. Harwood’s pure funk bass lines in “Dragonfly”
  4. Ayoub’s drumming on “Little Sexy Annie,” with its touches of Billy Cobham
  5. The fusion-esque break at the 2:04 mark of “Moonwalk,” where Marino and crew blow it open, sounding like Frank Zappa
  6. The mellotron and Ayoub’s drumming on “IV… (The Emperor)”
  7. Marino’s playing on “Requiem For A Sinner”
  8. “In My Ways” – a killer tune with a great circular guitar riff
  9. Marino getting jazzy on “Look At Me”
  10. The, yes, anthemic bombast of “World Anthem.” I picture this being played at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Listen, too, for Marino playing tympani in the background
  11. OK, I cheated and added one more. The 11-plus-minute closer “Try For Freedom,” from World Anthem is too good to leave out

These are just two handfuls of great moments. You’re sure to find many more.
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One thought on “Mahogany Rush – “Mahogany Rush IV – World Anthem”

  • Ben Upham

    About as good as it gets!
    I was fortunate enough to see the band several times on these tours and they totally cleaned my clock!
    “The Answer” and “Requiem for a Sinner” are two of their best!
    Don’t pass this one up as it probably won’t be available for long…

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