2 thoughts on “Video review of ELO’s “Zoom” album

  • bowiefan1970

    Great review. I’ve got the album on my hard drive, but never bothered with it. I’m going to check it out tonight. Thanks!
    By the way, since you seem to be a fan of Lynne, Wilbury’s, Harrison, etc., what did you think of George’s “Brainwashed” album. I love it…

  • TW

    One of my favorite things is discovering music that you’ve heard about but have never listened to. In the spirit of that, I hope you like Zoom. I think you will. Regarding “Brainwashed”: I agree. First off, George Harrison has long been my favorite Beatle – his first solo album, “All Things Must Pass,” is a masterpiece. I’ve always loved George’s singing and guitar playing – instantly identifiable and so musical. “Stuck Inside A Cloud” still hits me hard.

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