Ian Anderson

  Question: “Do you like Jethro Tull?” Answer: “Yeah, I have a bunch of his albums.” Rock music fans will get the joke. Jethro Tull isn’t one person but a band that’s been playing a unique blend of blues and British-Isles folk rock since the late 1960s. If Jethro Tull has a face, it’s certainly […]


25 Great Moments in Rock Drumming – Day 9: Barriemore Barlow, “Thick As A Brick,” from Thick As A Brick by Jethro Tull During Jethro Tull’s halcyon days (1972-78), Barriemore Barlow was the man behind the Tull traps, keeping time with Ian Anderson’s idiosyncratic musical visions. Barlow’s facility for playing hard rock, jazz, folk and […]


10 Underrated Rock Drummers

by TW on November 5, 2009

Drums and drummers are the backbone of rock music, heavy metal, jazz, blues, big band and many other music genres. A rock show wouldn’t be a rock show without a drum solo, although it may be 10 minutes shorter! Rock singers and guitarists will always get the lion’s share of the fame, but take away […]