Mack Maloney & Sky Club – The Interview

by TW on November 15, 2010

Imagine a distant future when space travel is the norm, and you’ve been sent on a solo mission. Trouble ensues, and your craft crashes onto a deserted planet. Alone, you wander with thoughts of your life, your homeland, your loved ones, with no means to communicate. The only “sounds” you hear are your own thoughts […]


By now the word is out that there’s a group menacing the globe, consisting of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin.  They are referred to as Them Crooked Vultures and farmers in Lower Backwardistan are locking […]

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25 Great Moments in Rock Drumming – Day 11: Ginger Baker, “White Room,” from Wheels Of Fire by Cream Technically, Ginger Baker was probably the equal of any rock drummer of his day and, for many, he set the benchmark for heavy drumming with Cream. Baker also had jazz chops and musicality to match the […]

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