25 Great Moments in Rock Drumming: Jeff Porcaro, “Rosanna”

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25 Great Moments in Rock Drumming – Day 15: Jeff Porcaro, “Rosanna,” from Toto IV A Stage by Toto

Cynics might say Toto were little more than slick packaging, but behind the polish lurked the monster chops of drummer Jeff Porcaro. He pushes the beat of “Rosanna” with such a light and nimble touch that it seems effortless. Porcaro plays off the hi-hat and snare drum like a tap dancer with attitude.

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jkat January 30, 2010 at 9:01 am

Absolutley, positively, without a doubt … Jeff caused a watershed of believers in the shuffle which seems to float in perpetual motion. Boop, du bop du, ba di bi di bop …

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