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Moonbound – Confession and Release

Moonbound Confession and Release album I’ve been enjoying the first solo release from producer/bassist/singer-songwriter Fabio Trentini , whose project falls under the moniker “Moonbound.” The 12-song disc, titled Confession and Release on Unsung Records , is a pop-rock mix in the style of Crowded House, Howard Jones and XTC – parts even sound like Emitt Rhodes to my ears – with a bit of an edge.

Trentini builds songs with layers of sounds from instruments ranging from Minimoogs and pedal-steel guitars to ukeleles and talking drums, and Trentini plays many of the instruments himself. Other sounds come courtesy of guest musicians including percussionist and King Crimsonite Pat Mastelotto and “touch guitarist” Markus Reuter .

Although the tunes are multi-layered, the arrangements are subtle and serve the songs, instead of overwhelming them. And Trentini’s melodies stick in your head. My favorite tracks are the lush, power-poppish numbers including “Nina,” “Future After You” and “My Life Ain’t Worth Being Lived Without You.” This is a solid first effort. Cool album art, too. Check it out!

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