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Whitesnake – Good To Be Bad

Whitesnake album

If you haven’t heard the new Whitesnake album, Good To Be Bad , you need to. Who would have guessed that 30 years into the fold, Whitesnake (aka David Coverdale and latest backing members) would release the best album of the band’s career. Coverdale’s voice has never sounded better, and songs such as “Best Years” and “A Fool In Love” are vintage blues-rock with an attitude. “Can You Hear The Wind Blow,” particularly, is a monster track, with a nasty guitar riff and rhythm.

Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach make a great guitar duo, laying down the grooves and solos but never let their playing get in the way of the songs. The material rings out with ’80’s rock-chismo but never sounds dated. Rather, the songs are a testament to Coverdale’s deep experience in the biz and knowing how to put together a song that sticks in the memory long after listening. If MTV were still in the business of playing music videos, they’d have their broadcasting hands full with this album. One can imagine songs such as “Summer Rain,” “All I Want, All I Need” and “All For Love” visually adorned with a hot model draped over some barely street-legal sports car. Ah, the good old days!

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