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Dixie Dregs: “Dregs Of The Earth”


One of my most memorable concert moments was on a Sunday evening at Atlanta’s Chastain Park in 1992, seeing and hearing the Dixie Dregs perform live. The Dregs had recently re-formed, and consisted of guitarist Steve Morse, keyboardist T. Lavitz, violinist Allen Sloan, drummer Rod Morgenstein and bassist Dave LaRue (filling the shoes of Andy West). I believe Mick Fleetwood’s Zoo opened the show (if you were there I’d love to know!), but I can’t remember.

Due to some poor planning, the show had to end early to avoid conflicting with a local noise ordinance. Still, I remember Morse and crew playing a spirited set and an absolutely transcendent version of “Hereafter,” from the great Dregs’ album Dregs Of The Earth, a record with a slew of tasty tunes including “Road Expense,” “Pride O’ The Farm” and “Twiggs Approved,” their tribute to former manager Twiggs Lyndon, who died in a parachuting accident.

I’ve hung onto my vinyl copy of Dregs Of The Earth, but if you want it on CD you’ll have to shell out some bucks, as it’s been long out of print domestically.

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