The Keef Hartley Band – The Time Is Near

by TW on December 30, 2008

keef hartley band the time is near The Keef Hartley Band   The Time Is Near

The Keef Hartley Band were one of those relative rarities in music: a rock band led by a drummer. A couple of Hartley reissues (The Time Is Near and Overdog) from Esoteric Recordings surfaced earlier in 2008 – my pick being 1970’s The Time Is Near. This horn-driven R&B-influenced jazz/rock (or is that rock/jazz?) took a few spins to for me to latch onto (each song veers off in a new direction), but it’s the band members’ willingness to explore territory loud and soft, fast and slow, that kept my attention. And every song is now a fave. Plus, it’s another chance to hear one of my favorite bassists in action – the late Gary Thain.

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