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Why vinyl records rule

by TW on December 4, 2009

I have been collecting vinyl records for more than 30 years and am surprised as any to witness the resurgence of LPs over the last couple years. Music lovers who jettisoned their turntables for CD players are coming back to the 12-inch platter and rediscovering what was so great about it from the beginning. A […]


The Internet has opened up a new world market for record and CD collectors, where one can search for any LP by U2, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, or import CDs by Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles or Grateful Dead. If you want it, chances are you can find it. Websites such as eBay, and […]


Julian Cope – “Fried”

by TW on April 5, 2009

Under license from Universal Music, Vinyl Lovers Records brings us the infamous second solo record from Julian Cope, Fried.  I use the word “infamous” because Fried marks the point at which Cope began to find himself at odds with major record labels.  In fact, Fried’s lack of attention by the record-buying public caused Mercury Records […]