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Gavin Harrison & 05Ric – The Man Who Sold Himself Porcupine Tree and King Crimson drummer, Gavin Harrison, is one of the most prolific percussionists in the business.  While his extensive resume of studio and live recordings over the past 30 years exhibit his work with top names in European and American prog rock, jazz, […]


Nektar – Down To Earth

by TW on February 2, 2010

For many progressive rock fans, the German band Nektar hit their grand slam with the 1973 concept album Remember The Future – essentially one song spread across two album sides. The band’s 1974 follow-up, Down To Earth, takes a wacked-out circus as its theme; Nektar tighten the song structures and create another prog-rock classic. The […]

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Factory Of Dreams – A Strange Utopia

by TW on January 25, 2010

Hugo Flores is a multi-instrumentalist based in Lisbon, Portugal.  He’s a multi-instrumentalist by necessity, that is.  You see, Hugo’s head is filled with many very detailed dreams of distant solar systems, automated replacement of the functions of humanity, and failing experiments related to social engineering.  Hugo has been trying to bring life to these dreams […]


Dead Heroes Club – A Time Of Shadow

by TW on December 14, 2009

For whatever reason progressive rock has never established a foothold in Ireland. Just across the Irish Sea, in neighboring England, progressive rock flourished in the 1970s so much that entire “schools” of prog were born. Maybe it was the political climate of the land that kept the often fantasy-themed explorations of prog from finding roots […]


The greatest musical discoveries are always unplanned, and when I come across a great band or artist I have never heard before, I want to share my find. Here are 10 great bands and musicians you’ve probably never heard of, but you should! And there’s another band I’d like to include, but need more info. […]


10 Underrated Rock Drummers

by TW on November 5, 2009

Drums and drummers are the backbone of rock music, heavy metal, jazz, blues, big band and many other music genres. A rock show wouldn’t be a rock show without a drum solo, although it may be 10 minutes shorter! Rock singers and guitarists will always get the lion’s share of the fame, but take away […]


Mörglbl – Jazz For The Deaf

by TW on November 2, 2009

Mörglbl are a three-piece progressive rock outfit from France whose strange name could be construed as an onomatopoeia for the band’s sound. Jazz For The Deaf is an absolutely killer collection of instrumentals fronted by guitar-god-in-waiting Christophe Godin. Remember the name. What’s Mörglbl like? It’s progressive rock with a heavy guitar edge but always with […]


The Internet has opened up a new world market for record and CD collectors, where one can search for any LP by U2, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, or import CDs by Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles or Grateful Dead. If you want it, chances are you can find it. Websites such as eBay, and […]


Anthony Phillips is well known for his stint as guitarist for Genesis, until he left the band after 1970’s Trespass due to bouts of stage fright. Steve Hackett was chosen as replacement, and the band carried on, evolving into one of progressive rock’s greatest outfits. While Genesis were recording such influential albums as Nursery Cryme, […]


Yes, King Crimson, and Earthworks drummer and bandleader Bill Bruford has announced that he will no longer perform in public. After an exemplary 41-year career that has moved through progressive rock to electronic jazz and on to acoustic jazz, Bruford will hang up his sticks and concentrate on “related activities.” “It’s been an exciting four […]