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Judas Priest – The Chosen Few

by TW on October 18, 2011

I’ve never been much for greatest hits albums. To me they’re meant for the casual fan who is too lazy to listen beyond what radio and others have deemed are an artist’s best moments. For a collection of songs to have real meaning and represent the arc of a musician or band’s career, they should […]


Framepictures – Remember It

by TW on March 23, 2011

So what happened to all the prog rock reviews, Mark?  Patience, my children!  Both Classic Rock Music Blog publisher, Todd, and I are huge prog rock fans, so you’ll see more mention of releases by artists both old and new in that genre in the weeks and months to come. Getting back to the varying […]


Black Sabbath – Paranoid Classic Albums DVD Is there any band that has influenced heavy metal like Black Sabbath? And is there another album that cemented the genre like Sabbath’s sophomore release, Paranoid? Early Sabbath is what many of the hardcore fans still cling to- those glory years from the debut self-titled Black Sabbath album […]


Heaven & Hell – The Devil You Know

by TW on October 13, 2009

In many ways, though this may be taken as sacrilege, Black Sabbath fronted by Ronnie James Dio was an outfit responsible for far superior and consistent material than the one fronted by Ozzy Osbourne.  I understand that Sabbath back in the 1970s was fueled by a desire to shock and an unending flow of chemical […]


Saga – “The Human Condition”

by TW on June 18, 2009

How does a band carry on after losing its voice? How could AC/DC continue after the death of Bon Scott? How could Van Halen rock on without David Lee Roth? Journey without Steve Perry? Queen retain their crown without Freddie Mercury? Styx sans Dennis DeYoung? Like so many outfits before whose singer departed for reasons […]