Jerry Garcia

Negativland – Escape From Noise

by TW on February 19, 2013

Negativland – Escape From Noise Long weekends mean extra time to dig through the stacks of dusty vinyl and teetering CD columns here at Chez Polzin.  I’ve unearthed an LP that seriously blew my mind and the minds of my fellow volunteer DJs at our local college radio station some 26 years ago (yes, my […]


Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Live At The Fillmore East What material still lies in Neil Young’s vaults may never be known, except by Young himself.  When he does finally make the effort to release some of the recordings, it can sometimes accelerate the frustrations of his fans, creating more questions than answers.  To […]

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A few weeks ago, I was reading about some CDs that were about to be released overseas.  One release that really attracted my attention was by a group called Hiss Golden Messenger and album titled Country Hai East Cotton.  Aside from the odd name of both the band and their album, the description of the […]


Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Safe As Milk Part 2 of my ongoing examination of the music of the late Captain Beefheart steers us back to where it all began – his debut record from 1967, Safe As Milk.  Well, sort of.  The Captain actually recorded two singles for A&M Records prior to […]


Bill Leverty – Deep South

by TW on February 15, 2010

Bill Leverty is the guitarist in the formerly hairy hard rock band FireHouse.  Before you get the wrong idea, I am not a fan of FireHouse in any way and was thus very apprehensive about further listening to or reviewing Bill’s 3rd solo album, Deep South.  In all honesty, I’d put the CD on and […]