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Gavin Harrison & 05Ric – The Man Who Sold Himself Porcupine Tree and King Crimson drummer, Gavin Harrison, is one of the most prolific percussionists in the business.  While his extensive resume of studio and live recordings over the past 30 years exhibit his work with top names in European and American prog rock, jazz, […]


Mr. Bungle – Mr. Bungle A few months ago, I took the time to write some words concerning Mr. Bungle’s sophomore album, Disco Volante.  My goal was to preach the gospel of Bungle to the masses, but apparently there are a few of you that are yet unconverted.  Let’s go back a bit further, then, […]


As the year winds down, I wanted to share my list of favorite albums from 2011. In the mix are some old favorites given new life along with a handful of brand new recordings. 10. Opeth, Heritage – I’ve been on the fence with Opeth for years. I respect band leader Mikael Åkerfeldt and his commitment […]


Blue Oyster Cult – Cultosaurus Erectus

by TW on November 29, 2011

Blue Oyster Cult was never – and has never been – a heavy metal band. For every torch-lit tune such as “Cities In Flame (With Rock and Roll)” and “Godzilla,” there were equal doses of poppy goodness  (“Debbie Denise”), teen rock (“True Confessions”); and other massive radio hits “Burnin’ For You” and “(Don’t Fear) The […]


Mr. Bungle – Disco Volante

by TW on August 29, 2011

I thought I was a fan of vocalist Mike Patton until I met Sara.  She and her husband Nathan own nearly every recording that Patton was even remotely involved with.  While I was quite familiar with Patton’s work as the singer in Faith No More and in the band he formed prior to joining FNM, […]

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Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Safe As Milk Part 2 of my ongoing examination of the music of the late Captain Beefheart steers us back to where it all began – his debut record from 1967, Safe As Milk.  Well, sort of.  The Captain actually recorded two singles for A&M Records prior to […]


Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid

by TW on January 3, 2011

Captain Beefheart – The Spotlight Kid Christmas time usually means a bounty of new tunes for me and my fellow music-heads out there in Cyberville.  This year was no exception as one of my friends hooked me up with (nearly) the entire catalog from the newly departed Captain Beefheart (big thanks, Mike!).  I have to […]


Sigur Ros – ( ) What do we make of a recording that has no title, no album credits, no song titles, and minimal cover art?  This is the product delivered to American audiences by the Icelandic post-rock quartet Sigur Ros in October 2002, and which is commonly known as ( ), a title taken […]

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By now the word is out that there’s a group menacing the globe, consisting of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin.  They are referred to as Them Crooked Vultures and farmers in Lower Backwardistan are locking […]

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Continuing on with reviews of releases in Rhino Records’ high quality, 180-gram vinyl reissue series, we visit John Lydon’s Public Image Ltd. and their collection from 1986, Album.  Depending on the format in which you were listening to this recording, you heard either album, cassette or Compact Disc.  Since this review pertains to the vinyl […]