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Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon

by TW on April 22, 2013

The Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon With recording careers stretching back to the mid-1950s, the individual members of New Orleans’ Neville Brothers have found varying levels of success.  But when united, vocalist Aaron, keyboardist Art, saxophonist Charles and percussionist Cyril made a bold bid for pop stardom in 1989 with the Daniel Lanois-produced Yellow Moon on […]


Hunters & Collectors – The Jaws Of Life LP and Payload EP I’m always in search of records that flew under the radars of the music-loving masses.  Today’s blog entry deals not just with an unsung album, but an unsung band as well – at least as far as music lovers outside of Australia are […]


Fripp & Eno – Evening Star

by TW on February 27, 2013

Fripp & Eno – Evening Star Evening Star is the second album guitarist Robert Fripp and keyboardist Brian Eno recorded together. In this and the duo’s previous release, No Pussyfooting, we hear the further development of Eno’s ambient music, which would play a much bigger role in his future recordings.  Fripp would follow a similar […]


Framepictures – Remember It

by TW on March 23, 2011

So what happened to all the prog rock reviews, Mark?  Patience, my children!  Both Classic Rock Music Blog publisher, Todd, and I are huge prog rock fans, so you’ll see more mention of releases by artists both old and new in that genre in the weeks and months to come. Getting back to the varying […]


There are Deadheads and then there are “Crimheads,” those fans who collect the live recordings of King Crimson and the activities and offshoots of members past and present. Fortunately, Crimheads – a moniker I proudly wear myself – have a sizable catalog of live performances to access via DGM’s online archives. Whether you’re interested in […]


Sigur Ros – ( ) What do we make of a recording that has no title, no album credits, no song titles, and minimal cover art?  This is the product delivered to American audiences by the Icelandic post-rock quartet Sigur Ros in October 2002, and which is commonly known as ( ), a title taken […]

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